Various Ways to Beauty

For each person, the appearance is something important. Even for a woman. Therefore they can do anything to have a charming appearance.

But what methods can make us look attractive and safe to do? From several studies, one way is to perform injection techniques. But to do so, you should be cautious and careful in selecting materials and experts.

Several techniques can be used syringes are Injecting Botox dan Colagen Botox injections use a material containing Botulinum toxin. This material is a protein that is used to neurotoksik treatment. This toxin produced by Clostridium Botulinum bacteria and is often used in muscle tension.

And to do that, you should go to a plastic surgeon or a specialty. Do not haphazardly done botox injections so that no negative effect. In addition to creating attractive skin, Botox can also be found to lose weight. The trick is to increase the emptying of the stomach contents.

Keep in mind, Botox treatment has certain time limits. Usually between 3 months or 8 months. Meanwhile, there are also side effects. Among them can cause muscle paralysis and chemical structure (protein). Can also cause bruising effect if one injection site. Was not caused by toxins that enter the body.

Another way is collagen injections.

This allows you to enhance your facial skin by removing the laugh lines, wrinkles, skin cracks on the heel, making the lips and cheeks look penuh.

Actually, collagen injections more fast and safe when performed by a Medical Specialist Plastic Surgery and should be discussed with you earlier .

Protin Collagen is found in bone, cartilage, skin and tendons. Collagen in the skin is useful to maintain skin firmness and elasticity. Less and less and less collagen. The result appears wrinkles and eye bags. So collagen injections are often used to prevent premature aging. Usually those who do kolager injection between the ages of 35 to 60 years of age.

Ways used by people to look attractive is by surgery. Is Cosmetic Surgery a good things or a bad things??? For more detailed information about the operation can be read Here


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