Blogs, Additional Revenue Sources

It is not a secret, if the internet has become the land to make money. One of a lively internet service used as a tool to obtain a source of income is a Blog.

There are many ways to make money from blogging activities. There have been many articles that were scattered on the internet that makes referrals to it. But I also want to review, on how to make money through blogs.

Review us

You can select one or more of the following ways:

1. Registering a business blog on PPC (Pay Per Click)
Many businesses PPC providers to choose from. How to register your blog to his publisher. By displaying ads from the program, you can blog ads. If someone clicks the ad, eating the blog owner can charge.

2. Following Program Paid Review
Being a publisher on this program, you should make a review of the product or a product or service requested. This is recommended in the English style, but do not worry about the language of your blog can also be provided other language. By the way join this program, you earn commission would much per article. Examples of programs include

3. List and display Google Adsense Google Adsense for Search

4. Selling Text Link ads
We have a lot of text link ads program that you can follow. Some of them are, Place and text link ads on your blog.

5. Making Ads on Blog Spot
Way for ad spots on places of interest in your blog. And do promotion, tariff and give pairs return to the advertiser. Of course this way will be difficult, but I’ll give him tips on the next article.

6. Banner Displays Foreign Affiliate Program
This is the easiest way. Follow some foreign Affiliates program and place your referral banner on his blog. When visitors click on and follow the program or purchase products from the affiliate, then you will get a commission.

7. Join to Web Directory for example Wikipedia or dmoz or yahoo directory.

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